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Celtic "pundit" who - even were he to guide the team to unlikely victory in the Champion's League - would still call Gordon Strachan "shite."
Daver: "Steviebhoy; that really was a pile of utterly gangrenous pish you wrote, was it not? Surely even the likes of you - with the IQ of a tea cosy - must realise that a manager who has won 3 leagues in a row, and the League Cup only yesterday is deserving of some acclaim?"

Steviebhoy - "Naw, Strachan's shite. We won all these accolades despite Strachan - if it were not for him, we would be 84 points ahead in the league, and just have knocked Messi's Barcelona out of the european Cup."

Daver: "Are you sure you are not in fact speaking a load of monotonous drivel, and that even the village idiot would come to the conclusion that strachan has done every Celtic fan proud with victory yesterday?"

Steviebhoy: "Naw, he's just shite."

Daver: You fucking AntiStrachanTwat
by Daver the Messiah March 16, 2009
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