An Atheist that hates anyone that is religious and will shame them all the time. Beware.
Christian: "Thank God"

Antists: "God doesn't exist, don't mention him, religion is a money-maker, you are a dumb ass loser for thinking God is real"

Christian: ...
by kingknb July 21, 2020
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This pertains to those who add definitions on UrbanDictionarydotcom, thinking they invented a word which was made up YEARS before them. When you are feeling like you have had a word's credit stolen from you, you are experiencing the effects of AntiSTealism. In other words, you wish the credit for your genius wasn't being taken against your will and the feeling of AntiStealism kicks in.
If anyone thinks they made up the word ridunkulous before I did, is ridunkulous themselves and fall victim to my AntiStealism views.
by Anisettekiss September 08, 2006
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