Anti-Avril is a website or a person who is Anti-Avril Lavigne. These people are usually this way, because how she claimed to be a punk and created an army of tie wearing pre-teens screaming "I'm so PuNX!!! TEE!!!111oneone!!!". Fact of the matter, She DID say it. And I quote "I'm a skater punk who plays guitar driven rock." and many others. She even admitted to saying she was punk. Of course, she took it back when she saw the uproar it caused. She Sucks, therefor, Anti-Avril = good.
teenybopper says, "Like OMG ROFL do you liek avril?"

Anti-avril says, "No. She sucks."

teenybopper says, "OMG I H8 u, AVRIL ROCKS MAH SOX !!111oneone!!!1"
by Leah the great August 06, 2004
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i person that dislikes avril cause she's a poser lil bitch, such as myself
i hate avril cause she's a poser ass bitch, and i dont even listen to punk music.
by MetallilbangeR April 05, 2005
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