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People of the large world-wide-web that hate/reject Anti-Trolls and their religion of Anti-trololo.

No, these are not trolls. Anti-Anti-Trolls and trolls is like Christians and Roman Catholics. Each practice and believe in the religion of Trollism and follow the lord our father, Trololo. But Anti-Anti-trolls are just a different branch, and therefore cannot be considered trolls, regardless of their actions, of course done so in the name of Epic Face.

Trolls express the beliefs of trollism in a simple, common language that even a child can understand. Anti-Anti-Trolls are merely more logical, yet they get the point across, and always add that final stinger, such as "UMad, bro?".

More information can be found on facebook. Just search up Anti-Anti-Trolls ∆_∆
1. A troll
Nick: troll >:C

An Anti-Anti-Troll
Bill: This is rather hideous and most definitely fake and of the homosexual status.
Nick: Troll! >8C
Bill: UMad? *insert troll face*
Nick: *runs crying*
by Derf-Puppy August 07, 2011
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