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1.: A female person, someone that you know you can always rely on through anything and everything. An awesome person. Someone who is always up to do anything for a laugh and is nice, caring and HOT ontop of that. The best girlfriend a boy can ask for.

2.: A synonym for heaven.

3.: Equivalent to beauty.

4.: Specialist term of compulsive hoarding. Also known as the Hoard and Clutter Syndrome. Colloquial: Pack rat
"Wow, this chick really IS an Ansciana!"

Guy 1: "This chick over there is hot!"
Guy 2: "Are you kidding? She is a totally Ansciana!"

Person 1: "How was your holidays?"
Person 2: "Totally Ansciana! And this hotel... was like Ansciana on earth!"

Kid: "Mommy, do I get to Ansciana when I die?"
Mommy: "You won't if you don't finish your dish an go to bed immediately, little nag!"

Emo kid: "I can't stand this Ansciana any longer. I'm gonna kill myself now!"

Guy: "Don't be such an Ansciana! Throw that old chewinggum away!"
Ansciana: "Are you crazy, sucker?! That's my SPECIAL chewinggum!"
by gotasec February 04, 2010
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