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A girls name.

A very beautiful girl, inside and out but most people judge her quickly before getting to know her. They often try to tear her down and she looks very strong on the outside, even though she gets hurt sometimes. She's been through a lot but doesn't show it. Girls are always jealous of her beauty. And guys always want her. She is stunning but often doesn't realize it. She is an amazing person and friend but she often doesn't realize that either. Her family situation is usually very complicated at a young age. She is smart. But people often tell her she isn't so she begins to believe that she isn't. She always has a lot on her plate and it seems like she handles it well but she is complicated on the inside.
Guy: Who's that girl?? She's beautiful!
Guy 2: That's Annyka. She's so gorgeous.

Girl: She's too skinny. And her hair is too straight and flows too perfectly.
Girl 2: Oh I know right! Her name is Annyka.
by Kaysayegg8 August 06, 2012
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