A condo complex in Agoura Hills, CA. It is directly across the street from Agoura high school. It has it's own road that the complex is built around but the road itself doesn't have sidewalks for some ungodly reason. It's famous for being the home of all the pothead-gangstas that go to the high school. The cops will often pay this place a visit and when they do, the wannabe gangsta kids will try to pick fights with them by fallowing the YouTube cop interaction script: "What're badge numbers?" and "Am I being detained?!". If you want someone to take your bicycle off of your hands, just put it here and it'll get stolen in no time!
"Dude, you remember Dylan? He apparently got arrested because he yelled at a cop" - dude #1
"What?! Where was this?!" - dude #2
"Annendale" - dude #1
"Oh that explains it" - dude #2
by plus-size albert December 30, 2021
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