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Welcome to Agoura high school, the less rich version of Calabasas, but equally as shitty. Now don't get me wrong, we may be less rich than Calabasas, but we still get a shit ton of funding from Jewish sugar daddies. I can 100% guarantee that extra funding goes to school upgrades and improvements. Nah fuck that, it goes to teacher paychecks. Half the time you have no idea what the hell the teachers are talking about due to their lack of motivation and realization that they're stuck in a dead end job teaching ranges of kids, half of which should be in fucking juvie hall. As far as students go, it's pretty diverse, with the spectrum ranging from the next Nobel prize winner, to borderline down syndrome. It never ceases to amaze me how such levels of utter stupidity can even exist in the 21st century. However, natural selection exists, and it's quite easy to tell which popular fagtards will burn out like a star as soon as high school ends and they become part of the working world.
"I love Agoura high school!"
-said no one ever
by gimmezucc December 24, 2017
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The high school of Agoura Hills, California. We are well known for our water polo team, and we have a reeeeeally good curriculum. And, yeah, our water polo team is awesome... (I'm on it, in case you hadn't guessed) =D Oh, and our football team sucks... Water polo and swimming are the only sports we're good at.

P.S. To set the record straight, water polo players are NOT all lezzies. =P
Agoura High School is awesome!
by beaubee4 June 19, 2011
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