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A really pretty, nice, funny, amazing, smart, and a perfect girl.
No one, is as cool as AnnaKate.
OMG. AnnaKate is soo pretty..Im jealous
I wish I was an AnnaKate
Shes just soo unique and popular!
by your mom1230 February 21, 2012
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A mean girl with a very flat chest she thinks she's pretty but she's actually a major dicksucker she say her hair is natural but chick we all know it's highlights
Omg she's sucking sick,.....must be an annakate
by brianna parker smith September 11, 2013
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Chad- Oh my gosh!! Do you see those two hot girls over there!!

Dan- Damn! But who's that duff with them?
Chad- must be an anna kate
by alishabreakga November 06, 2017
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