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Anna-Leah's are often shy. But when get closer to them, it's like you found your long lost sister! A lot if the time Anna-Leah's are very caring. If someone gets hurt right next to her, she would say sorry, and help the person up. Most of the time, Anna-Leah's aren't sporty, and they wouldn't dare to even do a sport! Anna-Leah's are perf best friends. When it comes to meet new best friends, Anna-Leah's chose wisely. They make sure that they aren't going to take someone who isn't trustworthy. Normally, Anna-Leah's are the brainy ones in the class. Anna-Leah believes in whatever she wants no matter what others think. If you aren't friends with an Anna-Leah, your probably missing out in so much!
Girl 1: Anna-Leah is the bestest friend I can ever ask for!
Girl 2: You're super lucky your Anna-Leah's best friend.!
by AnonymΓΈΓΌΕ› October 19, 2013
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Annaleah's are usually not loyal and tend to cheat on every man they encounter. They start out looking good and talking nice, but grow into a bitchy, cheating, lying sex machine. They love sex with people they don't know and end up destroying the people closest to them. Avoid a Annaleah at all costs. These psycho Bitches will fuck your friends and ruin you financially. Beware if you find one and marry it, it won't stop. It's like the terminator. Except it won't be all muscle, it will grow fat.
OH MY GOD, there is a Annaleah. Everybody fucking run before that bitch takes your money and give you crabs.
by Thedefineindividual April 26, 2017
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