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Woman of Scandinavian origin. She is often tall, slender, blue eyed and blonde. She is stunning and takes your breath away, reminding of a Norse goddess. She is a woman with great feeling of motherhood and is always taking care of others. She protects whom she loves and has a high-pitched pace through life. She is always updated in all kinds of areas, such as international news/trends and decorating, it may seem as she knows absolutely everything! She is a very social being, meaning that she often holds a profession connected to dealing with other human beings, and that she also enjoys a glass of wine with her girlfriends during her time off. Because of her high speed, she seldom just "chill out". She always has something to do or to fix. She often juggles several projects at the same time, meaning that not everything gets finished right away. She do not need much sleep. She is very creative and get brilliant ideas all the time, not all of them as realistic as others, but each more amazing than the previous. She IS superwoman, and therefore also a good cook! However, Ann Karins tend to worry A LOT. It may be hard to keep up with her at times, and her multi-tasking also means she is absentminded. She is a spiritual being everyone should be blessed to have in their lives, as she is an intelligent and rich person that has a lot to give and whom you can learn much from. She is very easy to get a long with, and to live with, but may require some patience from time to time.
What's your mother's name?
- Ann Karin
Oh, gee.. You're one lucky kid!
by Norsename November 23, 2010
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