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A pair of socks that cover the foot and cut off just above the ankle
Kiersten : Last night me and Jake had sex for hours in our Ankle Socks!
Kaylee : Oh God! Here We Go!!!
Steve : Yeah me and Chad like to fuck in our Ankle Socks too! Sometimes he almost needs A tube sock when were done cause of all the cum he produces!
Kiersten : Oh Good Lord!!!
Kaylee : You just had to talk about your Ankle Socks didn't you!
Kiersten : Im sorry me bad!
Steve : Im pretty sure Chad likes my hot pink Ankle Socks the best cause it usually gives him an instant boner!
Kaylee : That's Enough Steve!
Steve : Then again he might like my regular pink ones the best cause he say's they remind him of Kiersten!
Steve : Wow Kaylee you sure look cute in your Ankle Socks today! (Wink)
Kaylee : Kiersten im gonna kill you!
Steve : My Ankle Socks kinda smell today since I haven't washed them in weeks!
Kiersten : Don't bother killing me Kaylee im gonna kill myself!
by SlopNChop August 10, 2018
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Usually wore by Gay men or Meat heads. These guys might steal these sox from their girlfriends. Never wear ankle sox's with shorts, you will be hit on by other gay men.
When you go to the gym. Look at the guy wearing ankle sox.. He is either gay or a meatheat. "ankle socks"
by Notgayman2 April 06, 2011
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