Ankita is a very smart girl with lots of beautiful features. She is pretty and sweet, everyone loves her. If you meet an Ankita never let her go.
Wow, what an Ankita
by agdvv March 11, 2018
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Ankita is a smart and intelligent girl. She is known to be kind hearted and understanding. She is a great friend, partner, daughter, sister, and she keeps beautiful relations with everyone. There is no negative point in her and she is the most beautiful and pretty girl. Everyone loves her and everyone adores her. No one can ever be upset or mad at her for long due to her kind, loving nature. It is one of the most precious opportunities to have met a girl named Ankita.
Ankita is a beautiful girl.
by Lavanya08 August 9, 2019
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Means "conqueror" in Hindi. A beautiful girl who has large eyes and full lashes. Thick Indian hair and a glowing personality. Strong-willed and humorous,as well as emotionally active. You won't meet a girl more fabulous than an Ankita.
"I have a crush on Ankita, and I'm not surprised."
by ladyxmarble March 9, 2016
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An amazing girl. This person is normally very pretty, intelligent, smart, amazing and funny :D She is AMAZING. Everybody wants to be like her because she has an amazing personality. She is fun to be around and gives the best advice. She is normally very popular and very friendly.
Did you see that girl? She's so Ankita, she has loads of friends!
Thanks for that bracelet, you're so Ankita!
That girl is so pretty, she's so Ankita that I just want to be like her!
by GreenGiantPEAPOD. January 13, 2012
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1. With auspicious mark

2. Lucky charm

3. Free Spirited

4. Compassionate

5. Wise

6. Leaves lasting impression
She's just very Ankita
by ajay10 February 8, 2010
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Means inscription in hindi.Is a common name in India.Also can mean "conquered".It is usually "Ankit" for a male and "Ankita" for a female.
"Hi my name is Ankita" (Female)
"Hi my name is Ankit" (Male)
by Ankita Kriplani November 10, 2006
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