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A typical Indian girl.
Generally uses people and over-reacts like shit!
Very Pretty and uses her beauty to lure power and men on her side.
Loud and obnoxious.
Has a Lot of Friends

A person who is named Anjori is friends with people she can feel superior to.
Example 1:

Hey who's that girl?

That's Anjori...she can take you places.

Example2: Person 1-Can you believe Anjori!!! That Backstabber!!!!!
Person2- It's what she does.

Example 3-

Person1 - I think I'm gonna ask out Anjori.

Person2- You DONT want to do that!

Person1- why?

Person2 - 'Cause she'll pull an Anjori on you.
by Adam Sommer May 16, 2009
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