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Ugly fat who is annoying as hell who thinks she cane boss everyone around thinks she's apart of your friend group
Friend 1: I hate Anjil so much
Friend 2: yeah I know right she thinks she apart of our friend group but everyone hate her
by Wolves dragons anime101 September 21, 2016
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A highly feminine male who could be easily mistaken for a female. Unusually short and plump; also has a tendancy to have abnormally small nipples and a small penis. Often also used as a byword for taking a shit.
1.) At first I thought that girl was relatively attractive but turned out to be an Anjil.
2.) Dude I need to go to the gym, I feel so Anjil right now.
3.) This dude I was with last night had such a small member, he is such an Anjil.
4.) I have to drop an Anjil before I shit myself.
by Alien Pony January 18, 2015
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