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Fat man, with a fetish for cake and other fat objects such as cookies, choclate and little cookie muffins. Also he loves his marshmellows, and his mum says "omg, u love ur marshmellows!"
he is usually jewish, with a slight tinge of homosexuality, and also a slight tinge of hotness. He has a medium seized penis, with and incredible large knob. his balls are small in compairson to his dick so he looks like a fucking retard
Oh you just chucked an Anjewb when you ate all my food i have forever
Oh look at that abnormally large knob, u remind me of Anjewb
Oh look at the size of your balls compared to the rest of your dick, you are such an Anjewb omg
Oh you look so Anjewb today with that big jewish loook and a large knob
by GhostManHunter69 July 17, 2009
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