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The definition of an anjela is a very beautiful and strong girl who is talented in many things she does. She always sees the good in others and tries to be loving. She may be a special girl to keep and to hold forever. An Anjela may also be a loving hispanic.
Did you hear about Anjela?? Woah she’s so cute dude. Get at her!
by Niceeeeeeeeeeee June 25, 2018
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The defination of a real woman, comfidant, hood smart,will step out of character when called for, and when that happens its about to get real ugly real fast...but for the most over all good person
U think u bout it? Wait til you meet Anj'ela
by Anj'ela September 10, 2008
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Anjela is a beautiful sweet girl who is very shy and doesn't like to tell people she may like that shes horny....she really like to pleasure a man but really enjoys it when a real man spends some time on her...Jordan's and Anjela's go very well together and have beautiful sex atleast 291 times a day
Omg is that an Anjela...whoah she with a Jordan...lucky girl
by Assguy#1 June 14, 2015
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anjela is what you call your friends when they are being dumb.
stop being an anjela
via giphy
by Gilbert Fri December 10, 2018
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