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sweet and nurturing. a natural beauty, and never has a bad day. always willing to help, sometimes at the expense of herself. always down to have a good time whether its a night out on the town or a night in. if you let her, she'll change ur life. always a sweet talker to get away with anything and usually gets what she wants. never phony. unpredictable and a heartbreaker. doesnt play games, and whoever tries to play those games with her heart she will simply move away from because there are those waiting in line for her and she knows it. hard to catch but easy to keep, once you catch her shes in it for the long run. faithfulness and fun is her specialty. the type of girl you can bring home to mom, but also has that seductive, outgoing, and exciting side to her that you will want to bring around your friends.
I found a real Anjel
Anjel is a girl who is so sweet, she helps me in every way
by Cam69theman September 27, 2017
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Anjel is a guy that is very unique from all the others. A simple conversation with him can turn your life around and a roller coaster ride will start. his body is bangin hot RT. He has the medicine that relieves from stress and any negative emotions. Ladies he is a keeper, you ever cross with him make sure to treat him like a king.

Hard to find.
"That guy at work is relieving me already with a simple hug"
"he is such an Anjel"
by Monafea March 20, 2012
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A roadman but can be a caring nigga with a huge dick, girls like it when he talks .he is a keeper he keeps u safe and sexy at the same time . He's a a suducer
"He's so sexy he's such a anjel"
by roadman shaq September 20, 2017
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A great girlfriend that says thick a lot.

Soon as you find an anjel never let go.
by Anthony590590590 October 07, 2017
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