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A person of either sex, but most likely a female, who has a numerous amount of animals in the home. This person considers the animals as pets, but actually, they are more like prisoners. The animal hoarder usually has an unsanitary home because since they are too lazy to let the animals outside to do their business, they will allow the animals to deposit their fecal matter in the home. The animal hoarder is evicted from place after place, and will often hide the animals to pretend that they do not have "prisoners" If you rent a home or apartment to one of these people, do not expect to have anything worth saving after you finally find out and evict them, because it will be too late. The animal hoarder will not admit that she has mental problems, and will cuss you out for suggesting that she get help.
My friend rented a house to a lady and later found out the woman was an Animal hoarder. The place was unfit for humans habitation because there was mildew and animal fecus and urine throughout the whole place. Not being the animal's fault, but the animal hoarder.
by save the animals August 17, 2008
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