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A shmexy asian, the guys love her body, She is the shiznit;
BEAUTIFUL eyes, oober asian, full on rice dispencer, fun to be around, dresses like a fricken model, ,my brown eyed girl, the best friend you'll ever have, you got to lover her, shes like a sista' from another mista', smart, nice ass, NINJA, dont even get me started on her beauty, her family is big, her family makes the best food ever, and YOU WILL LOVE HER!!
guy- So i was admiring your body today...


guy: did you see that girl walk by

guy 2: YEAH, she is such a.... Anikah
friend: Anikah your so awesome, i love you

Anikah:Pshhhh..... I know- hehe. I love you too!
by A#H November 20, 2010
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