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An illness afflicting men of modest stature who feel that their masculinity is undermined by their shocking lack of inches - so to speak. Common symptoms include excessive shouting, hyperactive kicking, randomly swung punches, inflated hair styles, loud attire, random screaming of "ah fukkin' seen ye" or "aye ye fukkin' did", a pre-emptive approach to taking the piss, getting into fights on work nights out, and furious RAGE caused by Martin Hedley, the nob-end.
Mr. Boyd suffered from Angry Little Man Syndrome due to the flattened nature of his footwear. He attemped to compensate with huge tie knots, hyperactive behaviour and a pre-emptive piss take strategy.


My former chemistry teacher suffered from Angry Little Man Syndrome because he was a snivelling worm who abused his wife.
by Esteban Tuero June 09, 2004
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A short male who is always annoyed at everything. Which comes from growing up under the average height. Permanent defensive.
he is such a prick!
well he's got the angry little man syndrome
by ballsto February 01, 2004
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