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While sitting down have someone sitting on your lap, riding your cock. They should be facing the same direction as you. Whisper lightly in their ear that you have a present for them, then suddenly remove your dick and drive it into their ass. Grab their tits ferociously and yell "HO! HO! HO!" for added effect.
I had to shell out an extra $250 at the titty bar last night to get in the x-mas spirit. It was worth it though...I got an angry santa in the back room.
by rizzorainmaker February 26, 2010
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1. Name given to a person who usually is nice and joyous, but suddenly makes a sarcastic or angry remark that is inconsistent with their usual self. This is similar to seeing a usual jolly Santa becoming angry for any reason and is inconsistent with his character.

2. If in a conversation, the topic is lighthearted and joyous, and one person makes a witty remark that changes the mood of the conversation from humorous to that of making put downs, that person is referred to as an Angry Santa.
Person 1: "Remember when he slipped and fell on the sidewalk?"

-Everyone has a benign laugh-

Person 1: "Poor thing didn't see the black ice at night."

Person 2: "Or his fat ass made the sidewalk bend"

Everyone in group to Person 2: "Uh-uh Angry Santa!"
by Doc Jay UCLA November 28, 2009
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