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What remains when a lesbian's lover suddenly jumps the fence over into having, or wanting to have, sex with men.
Judy: "Hi, Donna. I haven't seen Sara and Kat out lately. What's the scoop?"

Donna: "Sara discovered during her lesbianage of Kat that she had jumped the fence and has been seeing a man on the side. Some say they watched Sara build a bonfire in her front yard containing most of Kat's things. The fire department had to be called out to get the fire under control."

Pat: "Yes, Sara is definitely the Angry Lesbian now."

by passionwink January 25, 2008
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1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
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an angry lesbian is a lesbian who is angry all the time, she will have moodswings and turn on you reguardless who you are, they can also be a bit {fat}...........STAY AWAY
there is a mean dyke who lives around the corner, i think she is an angry lesbian.
by trinity kin kee October 03, 2006
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1. A female dog that will randomly start humping other female dogs for no apparent reason.
"My angry lesbian of a dog keeps humping the bitch across the street!"
by A retarded frog May 25, 2018
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