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An internet username/pseudonym on chatrooms and forums used exclusively by overweight, unattractive and sexually desperate females to subconciously trick unsuspecting males into believing 'Angeleyes' is attractive, popular and thus worthy of being inseminated. This tactic is highly successful with the Internet cowboy.
"I always just assumed Angeleyes was hot, until I saw her photograph. In reality she looks like the lovechild of Jiminy Glick and Seabiscuit... I'd still fuck her though, she said she'd fly here and she swallows."
by Timmy_W October 14, 2006
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The sparkling of your partner's eyes after you blow your heavenly load all over her face.

Does not necessarily mean she has jizm in her eyes. Her eyes could also sparkle from the ecstasy of the situation. The two are often confused.
I pulled out just in time to give my dog angel eyes.

Damn that bitch! She closed her eyes so I couldn't give her angel eyes.
by RicKdeR May 14, 2006
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A powerful being able to own all in mpo+ and mgo2. Called Angel Eyes for being able to spot his enemy before they spot him and being able to take out his target with swift and deadly force.
they dont call him angel eyes!!!! for nothing

by Angel eyes!!!! July 24, 2008
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Easy to spot. The most unattractive member of every popular girl group. She is usually grotesque, obese and all round puke-worthy. This girl has vein streaked tits and enough cellulite to block out the sun a mile away. But don't doubt her friends, they will do anything they can to make her feel beautiful and so will exaggerate even the tiniest feature of her hideous appearance, for instance her "angel eyes". They're so dazzling and bright, especially compared to the hairs that are growing out of her third chin.
"Oh look, here comes Angel eyes!"
"Well, she's definitely the angel eyes of the group"
by Rexy663 March 05, 2015
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After you have taken a dump in the toilet and you wipe your ass there is no shit on the paper. It's a clean break.
Hey Jenny, I heard you taking a shit and I knew there was no dunny paper. Did you use your finger?
No dickhead, I had Angel Eyes. It snapped clean off.
by Fongool June 21, 2018
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