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A girl who is innocent and sweet when you meet her but as she gets comfortable with you she will show you the devil with nothing but bad intentions. She will follow the rules but eventually break them wanting to spicy things up.
Guy1: Yo that's Rina bro...

Guy2: Oh she a angel with horns..

Guy3: Why?

Guy2: she can be sweet and nice but once she gets close to you she will turn into a reckless badass bitch.

Keep her bro, there rare to find you know?
by Slaying your life March 01, 2018
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A Girl/ woman that is completely loyal, looks innocent,looks the other way at side chicks but she is a freak,only to her man they are closest thing to having your cake and eating it too!
Bro, you got an angel with horns! Have you cake &eat too! Loyal Freak rare find
by Star 79 April 13, 2016
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