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-A kind and lovable person.

-One who manifests goodness and selflessness.

-A supernatural being, either good or bad, to whom are attributed greater than human power, intelligence, etc.
-The girl who makes your heart jump when she enters the room and ...The girl who breaks it as she leaves.

-The girl you'll need for a long time, wherever you go.
-A person's name, originally masculine but now also feminine. In the strictess sense means messenger, but also due to mythology connotes a heavenly creature.

-A girl who will go through so much more than anybody else to show you that she loves you unconditionally.
-A very smart person, with a "wild" side
-A good friend that is both loyal and trustworthy.

-Someone who has done alot of drugs, has overdosed at least 7 times and has been hospitalized probably triple that .

-Someone who just doesen't die no matter what she does or has tried doing to herself, when by all accounts she should no longer be walking this earth..
- Loves another being unquestioningly and regardless of faults or past mistakes (said to be angelic.) The unspoken devotion to another and vow to place your well being before their own.
-Walking among mortals, described as times to be heroic, honest, good people. Guardians and protectors, they fight for others at the ultimate cost of themselves. Be cautious, they have some small flaws.
"Angel Smith~ a.k.a. Angelwings indeed has the Soul of an Angel "

"That woman has lived and gone through so much shit but still has the love and patience to help others whether they are good or bad for her."

"I would be completely lost without my Angel."

"Has survived under conditions where others normally couldnt."

"I wish Angel never had to suffer for others and
although there are so many reasons for her to push away others, Angel has always stood by their side because of her incomparable and unconditional love for them."

"Comes to love you in a way you have never been loved before."
by Soul Watcher February 02, 2010
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