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A person who seeks, mingles with, and frolics with young, attractive, very kind opposite-gender individuals as a way to relax and clear his or her head out rather than seeking plain pleasure. This is performed without the use of force, violence, poor attitude, threats, intimidation, etc.
That young man seems to be having a very good time with those nice, good-looking girls; thus, he seems to be a good Angel Hunter.

After a very hectic and crazy week, I have decided to go Angel Hunting this Friday night to clear my head out.
by Angel Hunter September 08, 2008
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A man who believes that frequent, amicable, and friendly womanizing is far superior to or a lot better than marriage or having particular girlfriends, in a sense that becoming a spouse or boyfriend creates lots of problems or issues.
I am neither a spouse nor a boyfriend of anyone, I am only an Angel Hunter.

Angel Hunters do not believe in marriage.

We angel hunters usually live a pure happy lifestyle, thanks to my beautiful fellow angels.
by Angel Hunter August 15, 2008
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A person who seeks an alternative psychoneurological remedy or relaxation method by means of seeking kind, friendly, young, lovable, and beautiful opposite sex companions who tend to provide generous, loving, and harmonious hospitality, service, and friendship, while other means of such remedy or relaxation are considered ineffective or insufficient. This is one good way to clear your head or take matters into your own hands without applying negative factors, such as force, violence, etc.
A male angel hunter usually hunts female angels, whereas a female angel hunter usually hunts male angels.

This weekend, I will go to a party and hunt some nice young attractive angels who will also attend.

An Angel Hunter totally differs from a stalker, in which a stalker applies force, violence, fear, intimidation, and threats toward his or her victims; whereas an angel hunter does not apply any of these negative factors at all.

How you can hunt angels is that you have to meet them face-to-face and have a nice, friendly conversation with them, and they will act like as if they know you pretty well. Make sure that the angel has not only nice beauty, but also a good moral character. When you meet angels, do not use force, violence, or anything like that, otherwise your angel hunting will not be approved or considered. Also, make sure that those women (or men, if it's a female angel hunter) are not rude to you or give you any negative attitude; if they do, then they are NOT considered angels.
by Angel Hunter August 15, 2008
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