Ex-singer of Nightwish. A goddess. Trained at Sibelius Academy (Finland) in opera singing. Beautiful. Even I would date her.
"Tarja Turunen got kicked out of Nightwish by Tuomas Holopainen. Not nice, Tuomi!"
by Dynasticist15 January 8, 2006
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Finnish Opera Singer with a beautifoul voice and looks*drewl*
was kicked out of Nightwish Because she was a diva and wasn't too nice to the other members of the nightwish-crew
Tarja Turunen is a Diva
by Christian Svan May 28, 2006
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Singer for Nightwish, a Finnish metal band. I love Theteh's example of Tarja!!!!!!!

Tarja + Ville Valo = heavenly music!!!!
see Tarja
I heard that Tarja is actually a trained opera singer...
by nelz October 21, 2004
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