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Aneska is a hilarious and slightly sarcastic person. She loves to be crazy, and she is your go-to girl for secrets and fun. She loves going to malls; yet is not such a girly girl that she wears makeup--not that she needs it! She doesn't really want to get exposed to that very much, anyway. She is loyal and friendly and a very un-rebellious girl when it comes to her mom. She is also good at remembering to study, and gets good grades. Aneska's often have passions for wierd things, like phone cases or waterbottles.
Aneska's are fun and lovable cuz you can do anything with her and laugh all day.
If you have an Aneska you have a real friend.
May: Ahahaha look at her phone case!

Eliza: Aneska? LOVE HER!
by $p@rK March 02, 2013
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