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1. A child molestor who is widely known throughout the Pacific Northwest. He is notorious for getting to know freshmen, becoming close to them. And then forcing them to have sex.

2. The act of being mid-rape.

3. Someone who fucks people over, after pretending to be a dear friend.

4. Someone who repeatedly scolds you through text.

5. Someone who thinks they are the shit, when in reality, they suck at life.

6. Someone who has no other choice for college other than BCC.
1. "Watch out for that AndrewTsai! He lurks where noone knows."

2. "They walked in on us, mid AndrewTsai."

3. "Man that guy is SUCH and AndrewTsai."

4. "Last night, the biggest AndrewTsai gave me a good holler."

5. "That man-slut is such the AndrewTsai."

6. "Dude, if you don't get your act together, you'll end up like an AndrewTsai.
by VICTIMINREALITY June 27, 2009
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