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one of the members of MGMT.
can pull off the hippy/headband look, occasionally singing like a girl, and liking bright colors and unicorns.

I would like to run around a psychedelic forest with Andrew Vanwyngarden.
by pretend. October 05, 2008
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Singer/guitarist in the awesome band MGMT. Is usually high, and likes smoking pot before going on stage.
Is hot and has a sexy voice.
Likes dogs and fruit stands.
Cool chick: Hey, do you like MGMT?
Uncool chick: whhaa?!!2 who dat b?
Cool chick: Nevermind....

Cool chick #2: Hey do you like MGMT?
Cool chick #1: YEAH!! Doesn't Andrew Vanwyngarden have the sexiest voice?
Cool chick #2: Heck yes! Plus he's pretty sexy himself!
by Stuff you, Jemaine! February 02, 2009
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a sinister, handsome and hippie-like pot smoker with a deep sense of worldliness and a wicked voice.
He's the front man alongside Ben Goldwasser in Brooklen's newly world famous band, MGMT
Andrew Vanwyngarden is in the band MGMT, he should come to Tasmania!!!
by Petra Zoe November 12, 2008
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