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An amazing girl who is always smiling. She is gorgeous and has all the guys wanting her. Every guy she meets fall for her. She will turn any frown upside down. Everything about her is beautiful. She has some flaws but no body sees them. She's gorgeous in every way possible. She is the lightbulb in the lamp of light. Andreia has the most recognizable voice you've ever heard. She has the cutest laugh and when she's not smiling, you know something is wrong. She is deffinetly worth the money in gas. She is a beautiful princess that everyone loves and has a lot of friends.
I love Andreia!

Damn bro, I think i'm in love with Andreia.

Andreia is the best friend i've ever had.
by Jessie Simons January 20, 2012
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A girl who is really cute, someone you can spend hours on the phone with talking about nothing and everything at the same time. She's fun to fight with and be cute with. Definitely worth the money in gas.
I can't wait to hang out with Andreia.
by Shane is cute. November 19, 2008
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A unisex name usually found in Brazil and in some other parts of Europe, in Italy, it is considered a man's name. Could be pronounced in many different ways.
by TralalalaTracy June 09, 2007
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