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Something easily identified with the Wichita suburb of Andover.

1.So extremely boring that it causes one's eyes to bleed upon trying to endure it.

2. Filled almost entirely with bad restaurants. The food being bad not the service.

3. A group of people that party and drink and think they're better than everyone else when outside their little fantasy world everyone is laughing at them.

4. White... 100% at least on the north portion of said object
Jim: Wow man that seminar was a killer! Dare I say andoverian!!

Sam: Damn, that sucks for you! You must be on the verge of death!

Jen: Hey I'm really hungry, lets find a place to eat.
Jordan: Okay, but I'm not eating at the mall again. Their food court is simply an andoverian nightmare.

Dane: Those andoverian kids look they had quite the night on their facebook pictures they put up.
Fred: Yeah, and look! They even put up ones with them actually holding the beer cans, not that anyone hadn't already guessed.
Dane: Yep. Not the brightest bulbs on the shelf those andoverians.

Dwayne: Wow that floor is clean!
Jill: I bought that new andoverian cleaner at the store it works amazingly!
Dwayne: Hmm, thats odd. It looks like the central of the room is still dirty. In fact, it looks even dirtier.
Jill: Yeah, the bottle said it would do that, but who cares about the center. Not me for sure.
Dwayne: Oh yeah, that central part of the floor is worthless anyway.
by A dude from Andover July 21, 2009
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