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'Andhra Python' in Hindustani, this is a double entendre for:
1. The South Indian Python.
2. The Dravidian Penis, equated with the giant Telugu Python on account of widely disseminated Iranianate &
Indo-Aryan legends regarding the phallic superiority of Dravidoid males.

Clinical measurements confirm these historically deep-rooted Oriental beliefs & reveal that Dravidian males have the largest penises in the world. Thus, studies yield an imposing 14.0 cm as the mean size of the Telugu Penis (S Krishnamurthi 'Multi-Ethnic Indian Penis Size Study' in: '11th Biennial Meetg of the Asia Pac Soc for Sexual Med Oct 6-10, 2007, Jeju, Korea' J Sexual Med v5 sup5 (Dec 2008) 197-258). This clusters with the 13.01 cm recorded as the average size of the Kerali Penis (K Promodu et al 'Penile length & circumference: an Indian study' Int J Impotence Res 19 (2007): 558-563), & exceeds even the 12.30 cm average found for the Nigerian Penis (ML Ajmani et al 'Anthropometric study of male ext. genitalia of 320 healthy Nigerians' Anthro Anzeiger 43.2 (1985): 179-186). In turn: "The penile length for {Sudanoid} Nigerian Blacks was longer than those of the other races." ("'Oversized' Penile Length In The Black People; Myth Or Reality" JC Orakwe, GU Ebuh. Trop J Medical Res 11.1 (2007): 16-18.)

These dwarf the mean 10.20 cm recorded for the Indo-Aryan Penis by the ICMR (E G de Diego 'Andromedical Penis Study' ClickPress, Wed Jan 11 2006)
1) DoPyaza: I wish I had a 1-foot Andhra Azgar instead of my 4-inch Ganges Worm!

It is the Glorious Spiritual Age of Caliph Aurangzeb. Influenced by the prevailing sense of piety, Sheikh Chilli
takes up pilgrimages to shrines across Hindustan. During his long absences, his Bibi (wife) is corrupted & develops
easy relations with imported Telingas. These are Big Black Dravidian warriors from the Mughal Army whom the Sheikha entertains overnight whenever Chilli is away.

Early one morning, Chilli, duped of his money, suddenly returns. The Sheikha & one of her Telingas are still
asleep, nude after the night of love. Awoken by the iron knocker, she quickly hides her Yaar (lover) behind the
curtains & opens the darwaza (door).

Surprised, Chilli inquires about her nudity, but she calmly says she is not feeling well. Just then Chilli's little
daughter comes. Pulling him to the bedroom, she removes the curtains & points out 'Ravan Chacha' (Ravan Uncle).

At this the Sheikh becomes angry & exclaims, 'Are aap Telingao Chutiya hai (Oh, you Telingas are stupid)! Ek tho meri Bibi hai jiski Tabeeyat theek nahin hai (First, it is my wife who isn't feeling well)! Lekin aap mere Dukhtar ke
saat nangoo chupa-chupi khelre ho (But you're playing nude hide-&-seek with my Daughter)! Upar se aap ek Andhra Azgar chupare ho (On top of that you're hiding an Andhra Python)! Agar woh meri Bibi katega, tho poori bimaar hogi (If it bites her, she'll be totally sick)!'
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza July 05, 2011
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