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Anapaula... A sweet funnny weird crzy LOCA funny smexy ;D chick with a terrific personality!!! If you have ever met such a unique person, remember to keep her close to you! IF you ever upset an Anapaula then she will hunt you down like a dog and kill you -_________________- BEWARE OF ANAPAULA!
WOW Anapaula is so..... UNIQUE :D
by myusernameisalwaystaken124 January 28, 2012
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A mysterious but gorgeous girl, she's small but aggressive and a little LOCA. She's overprotective and she is so awesome, guys wanna date her and girls want to be her. She either is beautiful or will become beautiful, her personaltity is amazing, and she is super popular and perfect almost. Anapaula has or will have every girls dream body, big butt and boobs and curvy body and flat stomach. She will most likely be very underrated when she's younger but she'll have a huge glo up and everyone will love her. Keep her close if you ever find an Anapaula
Wow Anapaula is so perfect, I wish I could be her!!
by AnonymousPerson:):):):) March 28, 2017
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