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When a wise mans wife or girl allows him to enjoy the aroma and taste of her bunghole as he spreads her ass cheeks wide and licks and sucks the taste right out of her turdcutter. When her gumhole is ready he lubes up real well and gently begins to enter her until he is balls deep and begins a slow pattern of pumping in and out of her dumper until he builds up a quick pistoning pattern. Holding on to her hips he dumps a big gooey load deep in her colon. Thus attaining the Anal Intruder title.
My chick let me be an Anal Intruder last night! What an experience, she tasted so good and her sphincter was so tight I blew a nut way too fast. Man I wanna do that again.
by The King Cornholer March 27, 2008
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Someone who rapes someone up the anus.
Friend 1: "Damn someone gave me a roofie last night and now my ass hurts."

Friend 2: " The dude must have been an anal intruder."

Friend 1: Shit!
by nikownsallunubs November 23, 2009
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It is when tracy brings the homewrecker to the back door
Anal intruder is when the Poop shoot has a mishap due to an oversize penis
by Mark Stotts July 12, 2006
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