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after an abnormally large penis or other exceptionally large phallic shaped object has ascended through your rectal opening, and been withdrawn again in a repeated fashion, your areshole may lose some of its natural elasticity (in scientific terms, you have pushed it beyond its elastic potential) and rigidity, thus resulting in the inside of your anus now being the outsides of your anus, if this does happen, in mild cases a forefinger is enough to push the hangings back inside the anus, however in severe cases a plunger may be needed to reinsert your rectum, it is essential that you do not secrete feaces whilst experiencing anal hangings, also very important that you do not panic and remove the anal hangings with a sharp object. if all else fails, you can always submerge the hangings in warm earl grey tea for 4 - 6 hours and they will gradually retract.
gareth: jonathan i double dare you to insert this extra large cucumber into your anus until it has been fully engulfed by your rectum

Jonathan: gareth i dont think thats a good idea seeing as i only just got rid of my anal hangings from your last dare

gareth: dont worry jonathan i have a plunger in my bag and some earl grey on the stove, ready to tend to your AH

Jonathan: well seeing as you are so ready prepared for my inevitable anal hangings, i will insert this cucumber into my anus.
by flangeface March 10, 2011
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