Anal fingering is where a man or women stick there fingers (or there fist if they are analy fisting themselves) in there anus and start to move in and out like people do during sex. It may be classed as a firm of Masterbation.
Fred: I was so embarrassed last night!

Bob: Why?

Fred: Coz my girlfriend walked in when I was anal fingering myself!

Bob: Haha, well that failed!
by The Describer! March 17, 2014
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I finger that spends most of its time in your anal or someone else's
this is my anal finger
by gabekrispy23 June 20, 2014
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The urge of sticking your fingers up a male/female asshole and licking their shit
Man, Shane anal finger bang that fat black bitch Nikki. His fingers smelled weird.
by Anal Finger Banger December 8, 2017
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The fingers (or rather the smell) that comes from them after gliding them along the crack of the ass. The top part of the ass where sweat accumulates the most is the most ideal spot to turn normal fingers into anal juice fingers.

NOTE: It does NOT smell like faeces, in fact it is only when the anus is completely clean that anal juice smells its finest. Anal Juice Fingers do not go brown, but rather stay clear. If your fingers even have the slightest smell of faeces after gliding them along the crack than they are NOT anal juice fingers.
Good anal juice fingers will smell like pickle brine.
DO NOT lick anal juice fingers, they are for smelling purposes only!
After that intense workout I rubbed my fingers along my ass crack and transformed them into anal juice fingers, they smelt delicious!
by randominfoguy898 February 26, 2011
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Where you jab your hand up someone else's ass, but then, quickly forming your hand into a fist before it hits the anus. The resulting impact kills the person instantly. Ideal for a KO move.
Inspired by the term "anal death punch" and the band "Five Finger Death Punch" (an amalgamation of each phrase).
*InsertNameHere* gives person B a five finger anal death punch. B drops dead almost immediately.
by jedarus May 15, 2009
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