Surgery to repair a person's torn/ripped asshole. This is common in prison when a prison bitch is gang raped or repeatedly ass fucked with no lubricant. This occurrs when an inmate is perceived as a docile person. It is not uncommon for the dominator(s) to make the prisn bitch dress up, wear make-up and pee while sitting down.
The prison bitch had his ass deflowered and needed an anal retread.
by slicksal November 24, 2006
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Defined as a surgery to repaired ones ass after being punked as a prison bitch for an extended period of time. This person is likely to be incontinent.
when guys in jail don't see any girls in years, they get desparate. They fight with their cellmates, and the winner gets to fuck the other in the ass. Often the bitch has to dress and act like a girl. (Thanks Big Bubba.)

After the guy is released he will require his ass to be repaired (anal retread)so that he does not shit himself in public.
by Bukkaki-san November 11, 2006
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