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Error in the first AES entry: Zach Kamins plays the guitar, bass and keyboard, not the drums. Andy Gentiles is the only drummer of An Endless Sporadic.
Zach Kamins from An Endless Sporadic is so awesome. He plays the guitar, keyboard and bass.
by Jeremi January 27, 2008
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A band that fuses progressive rock with lounge music-esque chords and rythms. The band is composed of Zach Kamins (guitar, keyboard, drums) and Andy Gentile (drums.) An Endless Sporadic was formed in 2005.

They have only released 3 songs and are yet to be signed by a record company. The song "Sun of Pearl" was featured in the game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, and the song "Impulse" was featured in Guitar Hero III. Their other song, "Adventures of Jabubu", was but an experimental project.

Those three songs are part of a 5 song demo called "Ameliorate". The two remaining songs in the demo are being recorded as of 07/12/29.

An Endless Sporadic's first three songs were made via Internet. The remaining two songs in the demo will be done with in-real-life collaboration between the two musicians, featuring acoustic percussions (while the aforementioned songs were recorded using electronic percussions.)
An Endless Sporadic gives me eargasms.
by Jeremi January 23, 2008
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