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The meaning of Amyra in Arabic is "Princess". Hearing this people assume she's stuck up. But in reality she's a very down to Earth person who's been through a lot and still struggles. She had a lot of emotional experiences from a very young age which causes her to act mature for her age. She is down to have deep conversations with anyone. She thinks of herself as spiritually connected to god. Yes, she does believe in god. She doesn't want anyone to go through what she had to so she wants to do everything in her power to help other people. All of her friends go to her for advice and she give the best of it. Even strangers ask for help and she will never say no. If you ask people who know her well enough they will say she should be a therapist. She hates being serious. She has a lit sense of humor. She can make ANYONE laugh. As for her laugh, it's crazy, loud, and she loves it. Her laugh is what makes all her friends laugh. Positivity is what she preaches and believes in. She shows the positives when helping others and tries to do that with herself. The only thing that keeps her going is her love for music. In terms of physicality she has pretty ok features. She doesn't like to think that she is amazingly beautiful. Everyone else says she is beautiful though. In terms of love she is very understanding. She won't get mad over small things. Basically Amyra is a person who keeps everyone else together and lets herself fall apart.
You know that girl over there. Have you ever talked to her ? A lot of people told me I should talk to her because she can help me out with my personal problems.

Yeah I have actually she's just like an Amyra omg I love her. She's helped me out so much already and I've only talked to her like twice.
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by Leo787123 April 18, 2017
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A girl perfect for a boy named Rob or Robert. She is everything a guy could ask for. Such a caring person. Who does as much as she can to help someone
There is no one better for Rob then Amyra.
by Jblaxk March 27, 2017
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