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The amp is a shortened version of the word amperes. Amperes was also the discoverer of the amp, thus the name.

Amps are a unit of measurement, represented with the symbol A in a circuit diagram, that measures the flow of electrons in an electrical unit. You can measure amps using an amp meter, which is represented with the letter A in a circle, with a + sign to the side of it, on a circuit diagram.

Some scientific laws use the amp, including Ohm's Law. This tells us that the flow, divided by the voltage, is how many ohms there are in a circuit. The flow is represented with I, the voltage with V and the resistance with R. This is the formula for it:

V divided by I is equal to R.
R = How many ohms there are. Example:
If there are 3 amperes and 60 volts, then there would be 20 Ohms as the resistance:-

by DJ-Power September 30, 2009
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