The amp is a shortened version of the word amperes. Amperes was also the discoverer of the amp, thus the name.

Amps are a unit of measurement, represented with the symbol A in a circuit diagram, that measures the flow of electrons in an electrical unit. You can measure amps using an amp meter, which is represented with the letter A in a circle, with a + sign to the side of it, on a circuit diagram.

Some scientific laws use the amp, including Ohm's Law. This tells us that the flow, divided by the voltage, is how many ohms there are in a circuit. The flow is represented with I, the voltage with V and the resistance with R. This is the formula for it:

V divided by I is equal to R.
R = How many ohms there are. Example:
If there are 3 amperes and 60 volts, then there would be 20 Ohms as the resistance:-

by DJ-Power September 30, 2009
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When you make a funny joke and all your friends laugh, theres going to be that person who saids that joke and makes it stupid sort of being like an extra. Witch sucks for you.
John: hey your mom is so fat, when she jump for joy she got stuck

Sean: hey your mom is so fat, when she jump for joy she got stuck and ate a hamburger.

John: your such an amper.
by Fallydally511 February 28, 2008
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The act of being amped up and stoked about something at the same time.
After landing the sick 900 Stalefish in the halfpipe I was super Amper Stoked about it!
by AD218 July 30, 2008
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