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According to the below Ancient Boanian poem, Amoz is someone who is, or will be, famous.

(Boanian poem):


bo bamos

fe fi fo famous
The Ancient Boanian poem has spoken.

Your argument is invalid.

Go home.
Did you notice how all the other definitions of Amoz are lies (except for the one about orphan children and teeth 'cos that one was actually sort of awesome) and only this one is truth.
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An amoz is a rare animal that is said to have ties to many legendary and mythological creatures, according to the shaman of a small tribe in South Africa.
And may or may not feast on little orphan children. AND may or may not be part tooth-fairy.

(validity of some of the above claims are in question).

Alternatively, Amoz can be a name.

The meanings of 'Amoz' are: Strong, hoe-slapper, bearer of burdens, wise, distanced, and (unsure on translation) shadowed (or) secretive soul, old hag person, and Mary.

(do you dare doubt the truth of those meanings)?

Examples of anything relating to 'Amoz' are very rare, and the only widely known one resides in the Bible, but there are several minor mentions in America's Most Wanted, and a few appearances in Wildest Police Videos.
Did you hear the story about how that amoz attacked an entire village last night and stole all the teeth from the orphan children?
by Ashleigh Brains June 21, 2011
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