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An awesome survival horror game that'll make you shit your pants extremely often. Made by Frictional Games. It uses custom interface with the objects, so when the player is running from the monster, he has to manually open and close the door just like IRL, and not like in Minecraft, where you right click and it closes immediately.
This sort of interface is also used on other items (chairs, tables, vases, boxes, barrels..). The gameplay is set in 1849, and the storyline is that you have to run away from this thing called the Shadow which can kill you over time, and in order to do so you need to destroy Alexander, who has the orbs which are in charge of the Shadow chasing you. Amnesia: The Dark Descent can also be A:TDD for short. It has a sequel named Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.
Daniel: Hey man, are you past the Wine Cellar in Amnesia: the dark descent yet?
Grunt: Mmmmrph no
Grunt: ...
Grunt: what the fuck man
by Jannyus September 27, 2013
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