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Similar to the race card, this has been a phenomena in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens used by non-U.S. athletes or by fans of non-U.S. teams as to why an American wins a gold medal or why an American finishes above another country's athlete. The claim is that the IOC is in collusion with the U.S. teams and predetermines results when the truth is that after the 2002 scandals in Salt Lake, the IOC is very anti-American at this point. It serves a double purpose:

1) To justify a loss from an athlete.

2) To voice anti-American sentiment had by athletes, staff, and fans since before the games began.
Prime example: Svetlana Khorkina says the reason she didn't win the All-Around was because she wasn't American.

Another example: S. Koreans are attacking Americans for the scoring error more than the judges that committed the error. Where were they when judges from France and Russia were in collusion to guarantee their skaters gold medals?
by R. Kemp August 23, 2004
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