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The process of puking into a soft tortilla
my friend was sick and made american burritos, they looked delicious!
by jmzizzle November 06, 2011
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The american version of a burrito found at Frostburg State University in Maryland. Basically, replace each ingredient in an Mexican Burrito found in places like Taco Bell with leftovers from thanksgiving.
Beans --> Mashed Potatoes
Beef --> Leftover Turkey
Hot Sauce --> Cranberry Sauce
Rice --> Lettuce
Lettuce --> Carrots
Person 1: Man! This American Burrito is hella bootsy!
Person 2: Quiet dbag, there's nothing quite like the delicious combination of mashed potatoes and lettuce in your mouth!
Person 1: Yeah, you're right... I'm such a Sheeple...
by Steffen Gates January 31, 2006
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Any Burrito is an American Burrito because a Mexican Burrito doesn't exist.
Ignorant American: "hey Hoezay (Jose) I'll take ya to Taco Bell so u can make me one of them Burritos.i love me sum Burritos how about you do ya like that good Mexican food."

Mexican Named George: "It's not my fault you don't know how to order from Taco Bell or how to make your own American Burrito. I like to eat a Burrito every once in a while but I eat it like it's a foreign food because they don't make fake Mexican food in my hometown.
by Concerned Mexican September 26, 2007
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another term for a "sub sandwich".

seeing as a burrito consists of a flour tortilla wrapped or folded around a filling. which is slightly like a sub from Quiznos or subway, just not Mexican and has different fillings inside.
guy 1: "hey, lets go get a American burrito from Subway."
guy 2: "sure, i love subway."
by Haijj July 24, 2009
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