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A form of mania that is very common in places in Europe. Symtoms include: Making definitions about "Americunts" Hating on people because they are proud to be American, Making up random stereotypes about Americans and always thinking about how much America is better then your shitty country. The only cure is to go to America.
British Person: Bloody 'ell is that a americunt I see there?
American: Huh?
British Person: What the fuck is the matter with you?
American: What?
British Person: Why did you vote for Bush?
American: I voted for Kerry, sir
British Person: Then why is America in Iraq?
American: I don't know I'm not Bush
British Person: You ignorant asshole!
American: Your the one being ignorant, how about you come with me back to America?
*British Person goes to America and has 15 orgasams while The American Anthem plays in the backround*
Me: Hail Satan! Another case of Americamania is cured!
by Dr. Crowley August 31, 2009
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What happens when a bunch of europeans start shitting themselves over the United States bombing a third world genocidal maniac's country.

Usually results in a lot of europeans protesting, as they actually think what they believe really fucking matters.
European: Yea! You Iraqis and Somalis ect. we're with you! Screw the Amerikkka! AMERICAMANIA!

Somali: Where were you when they mutilated my mother?
Iraqi: Where were you when they gassed my village and

raped my wife?
European: ... uh... YEA! No War for Oil! AMERICAMANIA!
by American Exceptionalist March 04, 2010
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