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What happens when a bunch of europeans start shitting themselves over the United States bombing a third world genocidal maniac's country.

Usually results in a lot of europeans protesting, as they actually think what they believe really fucking matters.
European: Yea! You Iraqis and Somalis ect. we're with you! Screw the Amerikkka! AMERICAMANIA!

Somali: Where were you when they mutilated my mother?
Iraqi: Where were you when they gassed my village and

raped my wife?
European: ... uh... YEA! No War for Oil! AMERICAMANIA!
by American Exceptionalist March 4, 2010
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1. Bombing dictatorships

2. Cleaning up other countries when they shit in the bed and the stench spills over.

3. Pissing off Europe in through this process because its funny, and because we know they're no longer relevant to anywhere outside their own continent. They've yet to realize otherwise.
America's Pastime:
1. "Hey we just bombed another genocidal asshole. Ha ha!"

2. "Hey we just bombed another genocidal terrorist-harboring asshole! Ha ha!"

3. Europeans: "Stop bombing genocidal maniacs and terrorist assholes you Nazis! Why can't you be like us and realize a country of 10 million assfucked slaves over the course of generations is good, while 300,000 civilian casualties to place a democracy is equal to hitler!"

US jingoist: "HA HA!" <points and laughs>
by American Exceptionalist March 4, 2010
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