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The Amenians are an extremely rare race that has thinned out do to our mistakes in life that has caused a sudden increase in world temperature. The Amenians created the Roman and Latin alphabet. The Amenians started the trend of Chuck Norris and Yo Mamma jokes. The Amenians found the cure for cancer, but never had the chance to spread it. The Amenians used the word "pwn" before it even existed. The Amenians used cars that ran on air.

Although the Amenians are now a rare find, we still have their sister race, the Armenians...with the unnecessary "r."
An Amenian can be distinguished in the following ways:

Amenians have a habit of touching someone on the back/shoulder before speaking to them.

Amenians like to sing.

Amenians describe grenade explosions by using their hands, face, and mouth.

The name of an Amenian usually starts with an "E" or a "Q."

Amenians sound out the letter "s" with an "h," such as "Jeshus."
by Duh Knee Low April 20, 2009
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