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Smart,Brown eyes kid with the best vocals he is kind and stays on his grind he plays basketball and is loyal to the max treats girls with respect and hustles to reach his goals
Ameire is The G.O.A.T
by VMSOCool March 15, 2017
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If you know an Ameire youre very lucky. He is a very caring person who is down to ride for his friends. He often has a talent like music. He is also a very chill, laylow kind of guy and is always slept on. Ameire is down for any female who he is interested in but never cheats. When he does find a girl who cares for him he quickly acts on it. I love my Ameire and you should love yours too
Ameire is my favourite person on earth.
by VMSOCool June 02, 2018
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